Error code 0x49

2012-04-28 12:58

1.14 Error code 0x49

Returned by box’s firmware when some timeout happens during JTAG communication between box and target. Can happen due to erroneous connection, spontaneous connection errors, target’s malfunction, loose of power, etc – or in general – all those factors which may influence loss of synchronization between box and target.



#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_WRONG_RESPONSE                  0x4A

#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_MEM_ACCESS_ABORT              0x4B

#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_MEM_HS_OVERFLOW               0x4C

#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_SYS_SPEED_FAILED                  0x4D

#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_DCC_RX_NOT_READY             0x4E


#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_TARGET_HALTED                     0x50

#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_POWER_FAILED             0x51

#define CMD_RESP_JTAG_UNLOCK_FAILED                      0x52

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