How to set up RIFF Box

2020-06-04 15:45

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 based PC (Windows 8/10 is also tested)
  • Display resolution 1280x1024 or more
  • At least 4GB free space for RIFF Box software and up to 32GB free space for flash backups
  • Free USB port with high quality USB cable (USB HUB Not recommended ! )
  • Internet connection required for Updates and Beta testing
  • Turbo Support account
  • VPN (Optional )
  • RIFF Box hardware 

Setting things up:

  • Download and install RIFF JTAG Manager (You can select install location, in case that You have more partitions or disk drives. Select the one where You usually store GSM related files)
  • Register new account at Turbo Support.

Downloading RIFF Box software:

  • Start JTAG Manager software
  • Open "Box Service" page
  • Click "Check for Updates"
  • Select files and click "Download all"
  • In case of errors reported, You may need to use VPN client to establish connection

If download from JTAG Manager software does not work even with VPN connection, You can still download files using browser:

  • Launch web browser
  • Open Turbo Support
  • Log in/Register
  • Browse and download wanted files, and make sure to retain directory structure for download location.

Most important files are "JTAG Manager", "Riff Box Firmware", and of course DLL file for current device/phone model You need.

Setting up RIFF Hardware and cables:

  • Connect RIFF Box to Your PC USB Port
  • Launch JTAG Manager software
  • Update RIFF Box Firmware to latest version (Box Service TAB)

Now You have prepared RIFF Box and Software for work. You can now connect Your first phone. In case that You have purchased JTAG JIG-s set with Your box, things are pretty simple, connect 20 pin ribbon cable to JIG and do the Magic 
In case that You don't have the JIG-s, You'll need to prepare cables first.

Basic RIFF Box set contains following:

  • RIFF Box
  • Two 20pin Ribbon cables
  • Two small PCB-s with 20 pins on one side and 9 pins on other side 

To set up connection with phone, You'll need to do the following:

  • Solder 20 pin ribbon cable to small PCB, starting from pin1 (Vcc) which is marked with red strip
  • Solder 8 thin copper wires to other side of small PCB (Vcc pin is NOT required)

Now You can solder thin copper wires to JTAG points on Your device. For secure work, our recommendation is to tape both phone PCB and RIFF adaptor PCB to desk, so it will be fixed. This way, You can't damage phone , since unsecured PCB could be moved and prints damaged.

Now You are ready for Rock'n'Roll ! 

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