ERROR: Set I/O Voltage failed. Real reading is "value"

2012-04-28 14:43

ERROR: Set I/O Voltage to"value" failed. Real reading is "value".


Can happen due to following reasons:

  • Connection with device is wrong
  • Target device has developed hardware  malfunction
  • RIFF Box I/O voltage generator is malfunctioning

To properly diagnose root of the problem, do the following:

- Disconnect ribbon cable from RIFF Box and press any function button. In case that box internal I/O voltage generator is malfucntioning, You'll receive same error:

Connecting to the dead body...ERROR
ERROR: Set I/O Voltage to 2.80V failed. Real reading is 3.86V

In case that box is okay, error will be gone:


Connecting to the dead body...ERROR
ERROR: The RTCK Signal does not respond.
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